Get Can You Paint Glass Mosaic Tiles. Now this to avoid tearing out the tile, but can look really good in your favorite color. I already colored some regular glass and stained glass mosaic tiles with spray paint and i glue them on a mosaic mesh to see what happend after the grouting part.

How To Paint Over Glass Uneven Mosaic Tile Hometalk
How To Paint Over Glass Uneven Mosaic Tile Hometalk from

The mosaic is presented in a huge number of different colors, here are just a few of them: This will also paint over the grouting, but that will look handcrafted. These mosaic tiles are great.

If you can patch up and sand down the drywall to fix the imperfections, that should work also.

Using pieces of broken tile, you can easily create a colorful, unique mosaic tabletop. They can be squares, most commonly found in home improvement stores, or odd. Add glass mosaic tiles for a splash of color and a custom look. I called one of the paint suppliers and they told me a spray paint i could use for the glass tile, however, i am afraid tha.